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Neorion Hotel Sirkeci Istanbul

Neorion Hotel is centrally located at the heart of the antique and modern cultural location of Istanbul.

Neorion Hotel Outdoor - Turkey Hotels

Neorion Hotel Outdoor - Turkey Hotels

The name "Neorion" comes from the ancient grand port on the Golden Horn which is listed in our discounted hotel deals section and has taken the mission of welcoming its guests from all of the different corners of the world just the the ancient port in history. Neorion is not only a hotel to host the travelers of Istanbul, it is also a stylish nicely furnished and designed cozy hotels satisfying the needs of the travelers in different aspects for a more comfortable accommodation at the center of city.

The hotels has totally 58 rooms and suites to serve the travelers in both a traditional and modern style. Being able to serve even more to its guests with various type of amenities and activities such as Turkish Bat, private swimming pool, a cultural libgrary, massage spa,  and decorative arts moreover there are numerous complimentary cuisine shows, cultural events and musical performance private for the guests of the hotel.


The hotel also has some  special offers for the new visitors. You might choose one of the offers that suits most for your case. You might want to check the 10% cash discount on cash payment, if you are thinking to pay cash for your accommodation cost or you can require a free pick-up from airport if your stay in the hotel is 3 nights or more. The hotel additionally offers to cancel the reservation 48 hours beforehand excluding the special dates such as new year, Christmas or  any other special and/or busy season.

It is possible to make reservation or to book any preferred rooms of your own choices for this accommodation revenue that will get your start your plan to observe and enjoy an amazing holiday in Istanbul Region of Turkey.