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Safranbolu - An open air museum-like town

Visit Safranbolu Town When You Tour Turkey

A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Safranbolu Turkey Tourist Destination

Safranbolu Turkey Tourist Destination

Safranbolu which is five hours drive from Istanbul is a place which is included in the world heritage list by UNESCO.usually the turkey tour agents offer a two day tour to Safranbolu for the tourists interested in visiting historical mansions. There are manyn interesting historical houses to visit in Safranbolu. The travel agents offer the two day package tour to Safranbolu and Amasra. Amasra city is 90 km from Safranbolu and is near to the black sea. You can find good deals from the turkey travel agents to visit these must see places in Turkey. Look for the facilities provided by the travel agency and the itinerary of the Safranbolu tour before finalizing the tour package from a particular agency.

Things to see in Safranbolu
Safranbolu is famous for the well- preserved wooden houses. Many of these houses are converted in to museums. Some of the places of interest include;

  • Hidirlik Hill, which is a small hill which provides beautiful view of the Safranbolu city
  • Kaymakamlar Museum, which is awell- preserved Ottoman Turks house. You can learn about the daily life of Ottoman Turks by visiting this museum.
  • Kileciler Evi is one of the mansions which is restored and maintained by the Ministry of Culture as a good example of an old Safranbolu lifestyle.
  • Mumtazlar Konagi or the Mansion with pool is another important museum house here.
  • Yoruk Village, which is located 14km away from Safranbolu. It is a small authentic and untouched village. People hers follow the traditional lifestyle.

Other must see places in safranbolu include Dipsiz lake, Safran flower and Laundry museum. There are many traditional handicraft shops in and around Safranbolu. You can get good hand worked items at cheaper rate from here.

Places of Interest in Amasra
This city has good handicraft bazaar of wooden carved items. You can visit the Roman castle and the Amasra museum. You can enjoy the authenticated seafood items from the restaurants here. Most of the Safranbolu tour starts from Istanbul; accommodation in the wooden house in Safranbolu is a key attraction in this tour package. Most of the museum houses in safranbolu have attractive tea gardens. You will enjoy your visit to the Governor’s House and the old bazaar. So, if you want to know more about the historical monuments of Ottoman, safranbolu is the best place. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the traditional houses when you visit here during your travel Turkey plan.