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Istanbul City Destination and travel guided

Cruise to Bosphorus Istanbul

Cruise to Bosphorus Istanbul

Istanbul, a city of history, a city of culture and civilization, a city of the greatest empires ,a city of modernity, a city of travel and tourism, a city of Europe's and Asia's and the last but not least the capital of the culture of Europe in 2010.

Istanbul is one of the most important city of Turkey which had gained its popularity from the first settlements up to our present days with a great history & cultural background, the historical monuments of the empires and civilizations, breathtaking landscapes and natural views , being located on the Europe and Asia continents that the Bosporus (Bosphorus) River divides are only some of the significant and unique specialty  of this great metropolitan city of Turkey.

Basilica Cistern Istanbul

Basilica Cistern Istanbul

The city is a great holiday destination and a travel paradise for a weekend escape or a whole week to spend in it. It is where you get one of those 'on-vacation' feelings when you are exploring the small narrow streets of the town, or smelling the thousand different kinds of spices in an old & authentic Bazaar from the Ottoman Empire, or visiting  Ayasofya (Hagia or St. Sophia) Museum which was once used to be one of the oldest Orthodox Church, observing the one of the most famous mosques of Istanbul "Blue Mosque" (also known as Sultanahmet Mosque) right across Ayasofya Museum, an opportunity to see and study the items left from the Ottoman Royal Family at the Topkapi Palace Museum and a chance to take photos or a cruise sailing between Europe and Asia.  The activities and daily excursion Istanbul has to offer to its visitors and travelers can not be listed within this article, but those are just some of the activities you should NOT miss during your travel in Istanbul.

"There , the god and human, the nature and the art had created a land that embraces Europe with one arm and Asia with another..." as Lamartine had described the city is a great sentence to get a clue about what Istanbul really is and how it can impress a visitor.