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Ephesus Ancient City Travel Destination

Ephesus is one of the most popular travel destination and highlighted touristic sightseeing spot of Turkey. The city is known as the best preserved ancient Roma City, and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world in history.

Library of Celsius - Ephesus Ancient City

Library of Celsius - Ephesus Ancient City

Are those the only attributes of this great place to travel in Turkey? Definitely not, Ephesus is far more than that and has many to offer for its visitors to take advantages of a true cultural and Biblical travel in Turkey.The Antique city is also known as the capital city of the Asian Province during Roman Empire Era. It was also the pilgrimage area for Christians in history. Once you make it to here, you might want to stay a few days to enjoy a further travel experience and have a great memory of the area from the ancient times. 


One might consider to join a "Seven churches of Revelation" 3 Days Tour package, once arrived in the area. Or a Daily Trip to Pergamon Sightseeing Trip and/or Didyma Miletos Priene Daily Historical and cultural sightseeing local tours guided by experienced local Turkish Tour Guide.   

It is noteworthy to make a self-guided daily journey to Sirince Town, which is an old Greek Town on the mountain with an amazing view of the nature and the old architecture style of Ancient Greek Life Style. You can taste the local home-made wines, the world-wide famous olive oils and taste some local Turkish Foods while tripping the Sirince Town.

Ephesus Ancient City is now within the borders of Izmir City, near by the Selcuk Town currently. The town is about 1 hour drive from Izmir city and 3-4 hours by bus to Pamukkale. Which makes it possible to participate in a daily Pamukkale Excursion departing right from your hotel in Ephesus (Selcuk or Kusadasi).

There are number of diverse accommodation types both in Selcuk and in Kusadasi Town to select from. Especially Kusadasi Town is a popular place for a getaway even for the local Turkish People, as being located right next to Aegean Sea. The town is also being visited by most of the big Cruising Companies dropping by Turkey. 

The transportation is very convenient to this territory of Turkey. There are multiple flights per day departing from Istanbul by multiple different domestic airlines. Alternatively it is also possible to take an overnight bus from Istanbul's Main Bus Station (usually for adventurous or backpacker travelers) which takes roughly about 10 hours drive.